Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Team

A total of 20 years of combined nursing experience allowed us to create the right care just for you. We are a team of Registered Nurses who specialize in Emergency Nursing and Long Term Care. We acknowledge the importance of advocating home care support to people who need them, as soon as they need them.  Through our extensive years of experience, we have witnessed people of different age groups, most especially our older population, who have completely lost their ability to manage independently due to health crisis happened when there was no help available. This sudden change in the level of independence, along with the impending loss of a home can result in increasing loneliness and depression, detaching from peers and feeling of giving up on life.

Let us help you achieve the quality of life you deserve

We are strong advocates of early recognition and intervention in order to ensure preservation of maximized independence and overall wellness. We know every individual is different so we are here to help you navigate your options according to your unique needs.

Our caregivers go beyond caregiving to develop mutually beneficial relationship that enables an individual to thrive. Along with them is our dedicated team who consistently works hard to provide high quality home care to you and your loved ones.

We are in the community of Delta, Langley, White Rock, and Surrey. We have also recently expanded our services into Abbotsford!

Registered Nurses

We are proudly operated by highly trained Registered Nurses who are directly involved in the administration of care, management of care plan and communication with clients, families and caregivers. From care consultation, our nurses become involve to ensure consistent progress towards the goal of care. Our nurses have the ability to make professional recommendations based on the specific needs of our clients. RNs can also provide specialized services to people with complex medical needs.

Client Care Coordinators

Our Client Care Coordinators (CCC) supervise the overall care of each client. They create individualized care plans laying out specific tasks and goals. They ensure clients and families understand every aspect of care and help them make decisions that are in the best interest of the client. Our CCC also closely communicates with our caregivers to monitor proper and safe practice. Our caregivers regularly report to them regarding client's condition or any concerns that may need immediate intervention.

Home Care Coordinator

Our Home Care Coordinator (HCC) is the central point of contact for clients and families, caregivers. The goal is to provide a positive experience by effectively matching and scheduling caregivers to meet the specific needs of each client. Efficient coordination is an important element of our care services. Our HCC is driven to help others in a compassionate and caring way by considering both of our clients and caregivers.

Recruitment Coordinator

Our Recruitment Coordinator (RC) is a Human Resource Specialist who ensures our organization attracts, produces and retains the best caregivers. Her main responsibility is to provide them with the skills and support needed to perform the caregiver role to BLHCS standards. She possesses knowledge in instructional methods and coaching/skills development which are used to support the rest of the team, and ensure the safe and efficient performance of new and existing caregivers.

Quality Care Coordinator

Our Quality Care Coordinator's (QCC) primary role is to ensure delivery of high quality home care. Through consistent collaboration with other coordinators, QCC is able to monitor the quality of care being delivered by evaluating caregiver performances, monitoring completion of ongoing care plans and gathering feedback from clients, families and caregivers. She identifies areas suitable for improvement and makes necessary actions in order to improve the quality of our services.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Our Community Liaison (CL) serves as the face and voice of our organization, bridging the gap between Better Living Home Care Services and the community. She is primarily responsible for connecting people in the broader community by creating and cultivating relationships with local resources, individuals, and other relevant organizations. Through collaboration with Registered Nurses, she can also create unique opportunities to educate the public on health issues and solutions.