Home Nursing Services in Surrey Help you Stay in your Home

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Better Living AuthorBetter Living Author November 12, 2019

Home Nursing Services in Surrey Help you Stay in your Home

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Surrey is the ninth largest city in Canada and the second largest city in Metro Vancouver. With a rapidly growing population, providing long-term care options for elderly members of the population is vitally important. Companies that provide home nursing services in Surrey are filling an important need that will continue to grow as the population continues to age.

Home nursing services in Surrey need to provide a wide range of services in order to meet the many different needs of the elderly. While some clients may just be looking for companionship or light housekeeping services, others may require dementia care or end-of-life care, or something in between.

General home nursing services are a good way for the elderly to maintain independence. This type of care may include case management, nutritional therapy, rehabilitation treatments, infusion therapies, wound care, vaccinations, palliative care, critical and acute care, and more. By tailoring home nursing services to best fit the patient’s needs, caregivers are able to provide the greatest benefit to the client, enriching their quality of life.

In more extreme cases, people with severe disabilities, terminal conditions, and cognitive impairment can still live in their own homes through live-in home nursing services in Surrey. These services might include handling and administering medication, including chemotherapy drugs, monitoring vitals and regulating drug regimens, working on cognitive stimulation and memory retention, updating and counseling family members on the situation, along with bathing and feeding.

When a patient’s health situation has reached a point where it is no longer manageable for family members, it might be time to look into a live-in nurse to provide home care. When live-in home care is necessary, services can also extend to non-medical and practical tasks, especially if the patient lives alone.

When thinking about pursuing home nursing services in Surrey for yourself or a loved one, finances can play a big role in determining the level of care you may be able to afford. Many agencies provide free in-home consultations to give you the best possible cost estimate possible. During the consultation, be sure to ask what is covered under MSP. If you have medical insurance or additional coverage, be sure to contact your provider to determine what is covered and what services might need to be covered out of pocket.

If you are looking for home nursing services in Surrey, consider your particular circumstances and individual needs and look for a provider that will check all those boxes. Home care can be modified and tailored to your exact needs, so take stock of exactly what you need before starting your search for a service provider. The more clarity you have about your needs for your individual situation, the better able a company will be able to match you with the services and care you need.