Getting the Help You Need with Elder Home Care in Langley

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Better Living AuthorBetter Living Author October 10, 2019

Getting the Help You Need with Elder Home Care in Langley

Transportation Assistance

Looking after an aging relative can be a difficult task, one for which many people find themselves unprepared. With lives, family, and work to juggle, the added job of caring for an aging loved one can be overwhelming. With elder home care in Langley, professional registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are available to offer full time daily care or to simply fill in where needed. Experienced staff are available to provide a range of services, from personal care and transportation services, to the administration of medication and dementia care.  Elder home care in Langley can be your partner in caring for an aging loved one.

Personal Care

As our bodies age, tasks that were once second nature can become difficult to tend to independently. With elder home care in Langley, a trained professional can help tend to your loved one with the utmost care and respect, helping them with personal hygiene and grooming, toileting, oral care, dressing, and feeding.


Our days can be a chaotic jumble of work, activities, and obligations, and sometimes finding the time to engage with our aging loved ones can be difficult. While you may do your best to provide for their basic needs, social interaction and stimulation can be just as important as physical care in keeping our loved ones happy and healthy. Elder home care in Langley can step in when you can’t, to provide stimulating activities, a friend to talk with, or a walking companion.

Meal Preparation

Our dietary taste requirements tend to change as we age. Whether your loved one is no longer able to consume certain foods, must follow a specific diet, or simply enjoys meals prepared in a certain manner, elder home care in Langley can work with you and your loved one to prepare and execute a meal plan that is tailored to them. If cooking is something that your loved one still enjoys, they can even jump in and participate in the meal prep, and possibly share a secret family recipe or two.

Administration of Medication

Remembering what medication to take when, especially with multiple or changing prescriptions, can be confusing on the best of days, but with elder home care in Langley,a trained professional can be on hand to administer all prescription medications, taking the guess work out of the equation.

Dementia Care

Under the best of circumstances, caring for an aging loved one can be a challenge. However, caring for a loved one with dementia can be especially challenging. With a home care service, specially trained nurses can sign on to work with you and your loved one to create a personalized care plan to help manage the condition and ensure all involved continue to live their most fulfilling lives.