Early Signs of Dementia: A Guide To Home Care Assistance

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Better Living AuthorBetter Living Author May 15, 2019

Early Signs of Dementia: A Guide To Home Care Assistance

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Our brain goes through inevitable changes as we age. However, experiencing major memory problems are not a normal sign of aging. The line between age-related memory loss and dementia might seem thin, but there are several signs and symptoms that can help us differentiate one from the other. Dementia is a general umbrella term for loss of memory and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive form of dementia, which accounts for 60-80% of dementia cases. Noticing the first signs of dementia years before any obvious symptoms come on could allow family members to delay the progress of it and plan for eventual care.

Early Symptoms of Dementia to Look Out For:

  • Memory Loss – It is normal to forget meetings and names occasionally and then remember them later. Memory loss which affects day-to-day activities can be one of the signs of dementia. Frequently not being able to recall details of recent events or conversations and/or not recognizing or knowing the names of family members are some of the warning signs of dementia
  • Social Withdrawal – Those who have dementia are unaware and unresponsive, causing them to withdraw from social activities
  • Misplacing Items – It is also normal to temporarily misplace things, but what is not normal is repeatedly putting things in inappropriate places
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  • Daily difficulties - Difficulty completing familiar tasks such as bathing, grooming and personal care
  • Language Problems – Having difficulty following or starting a conversations and/or difficulty finding the right words
  • Mood Changes – Everyone becomes sad and moody from time to time, but a person with dementia can have frequent, rapid mood swings. They may become irritable, angry and anxious, for no apparent reason
  • Disorientation- may frequently suffer confusion and disorientation when remembering date, time and events.
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How to Care with your Loved One who has Dementia

The first step with dementia care is acceptance. Acknowledge and accept the ever-changing nature of the disease. Adaptation process then becomes very important. During the early stages, your loved one is still able to take part in their own care. Find strategies that work for both of you. Explain to them what must be done and why you need to assist them in doing it. Be patient and listen. Give them simple instruction as well as enough time to respond. Most importantly, KEEP A ROUTINE. The familiarity of faces, places, and tasks provide them with a sense of consistency, comfort, and safety.

At Better Living Home Care Services, our qualified and dementia-trained caregiver will provide care to your loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia, whatever stages they may be in. Let us put together an individualized care plan to meet your unique needs! Call us now at (604) 546-7514.


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